50 Reasons Not To Date A Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer I am constantly surfing the web for inspiration, ideas, tutorials, and business opportunities. Every once in awhile I find something that I just have to share with my friends, whether graphic design related or not, it always gives them a good laugh. Well the other day I was looking for a new creative blog idea and I saw a caption that read, “50 Reasons Not To Date A Graphic Designer” and I just couldn’t resist clicking the link to find out what kinds of craziness would I be reading.

Well after reading it, I must admit there were several statements that not only made me laugh mostly because I personally related to most of them. Although, I would never recommend someone NOT date a graphic designer because they are some of the most open-minded, beautiful free thinkers, but I would recommend reading this article. Click on the link below if you, like me, cannot resist the urge to hear these over -the-top reasons Why to not date a graphic designer.



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